Washington, DC – The National Talent Collaborative (NTC), a new CEO-led alliance of more than 20 U.S. regional impact organizations, gathered in Washington, DC, last week to discuss and to develop evidence-based federal policy recommendations to make improvements to the nation’s workforce system and talent gaps at scale. The NTC represents hundreds of businesses across the country dedicated to talent and workforce development.  

Members who spoke at the NTC meeting included Penny Pritzker, former Secretary of Commerce and PSP Chair; Peter L. Scher, vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Alejandra Y. Castillo, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development; Bruce Andrews, Intel’s Chief Government Affairs Officer; Jon Schnur, CEO, America Achieves; and Kathy Hollinger, CEO of Greater Washington Partnership.

The NTC believes that ensuring large-scale, diverse talent is a fundamental component for inclusive and sustained economic growth and competitiveness. NTC’s recommendations strive to solve two main challenges affecting our nation’s business ecosystem – employers need job-ready workers, and workers from every background need improved access to training, skills, bridges and access to those jobs.

“Our economy and employers need a large, diverse pipeline of talent to advance growth and success, just as millions of workers are underemployed, unemployed, or at risk of not getting or keeping middle – class jobs,” said Doug Wilson, co-founder and chair at the National Talent Collaborative. “While there are promising and even successful solutions in play across the country, the reality is that we need solutions at scale to better help our workers. Our broad coalition of CEOs and regional economic development organizations believe our new playbook will provide a smart, workable framework to help us achieve that scale.”  

The NTC recommends at least four policy areas to address these economic and talent needs. The areas of focus include:     

  1. Providing dedicated federal financing of effective workforce development programs aligned to good jobs. 
  2. Building and scaling local and national intermediaries with business leadership. 
  3. Enhancing workforce and labor market information focused on measuring and improving outcomes.   
  4. Supporting and promoting skills-based hiring and advancement.


Every year, more employers, both private and public sector, are embracing skills-based hiring and advancement practices. Large companies such as AT&T, Boeing, Walmart, and IBM have pledged to implement skills-based practices. So far, these businesses have removed degree requirements from certain job postings and have worked with other organizations to help workers progress from lower- to higher-wage jobs.   

NTC members discussed the above policy priorities, with emphasis on the need for government support toward place-based, business-led community initiatives that will assist in closing the talent gap. America Achieves is leading the policy committee on these recommendations. In the coming months, the NTC will advocate for a policy playbook through a variety of different activities.

NTC is comprised of the following organizations:

  • America Achieves
  • Ascend Indiana
  • Bay Area Council, San Francisco, CA
  • Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, Indianapolis, IN
  • CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County, CA
  • Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose
  • Columbus Partnership, Columbus, OH
  • Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, TX
  • Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
  • Greater Washington Partnership, Washington D.C.
  • Higher Expectations for Racine County, WI
  • Itasca and Greater MSP, Minneapolis, MN
  • Massachusetts Competitive Partnership
  • MKE Tech Hub Coalition, Milwaukee, WI
  • New York Jobs CEO Council 
  • P33, Chicago, IL
  • Partnership for Rhode Island
  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group, San Jose, CA
  • State Business Executives
  • TalentFirst, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Tampa Bay Partnership, Tampa Bay, FL
  • The Los Angeles Coalition, CA


Key technology and consulting partners who presented at the event include AWS, Grow with Google, Intel, and McKinsey & Company. This network of businesses and business-led intermediaries will finalize and then make public, more detailed policies in the coming weeks.

About National Talent Collaboration:

Formed in 2022 by Doug Wilson and Dick Gochnauer, the National Talent Collaboration (NTC) is a CEO-led alliance of more than 20 U.S. regional impact organizations representing hundreds of businesses across the country. The NTC also engages major technology partners, foundations, and key leaders from the federal government. The NTC is focused on building bridges to close the talent gap in America by constructing pathways to good jobs across the U.S. Visit at