NTC works to close the talent gap and accelerate economic prosperity by expanding the impact of regional business groups

Explore the CEO-led alliance of over 20 US regional impact groups closing the talent and opportunity gap by building pathways to good jobs.

A Bold Vision for the Future

Best Practice Sharing: National Talent Collaborative gathers in person biannually to discuss its shared commitment to talent and workforce development across the United States. The NTC also hosts virtual quarterly gatherings to share its work, ideas and best practices.

We have prioritized three work streams where we see the biggest opportunities to leverage our national collaboration.


Share insights and resources

  • Cultivate a robust community of
    practice for organizations to learn
    from each other and access
  • Surface insights from NTC regions
    and feed national insights back to

We need to move beyond local pilot programs in regions and instead fund successful talent development programs at scale. To do this requires federal and state resources to help scale successful programs that are working.


Shape national dialogue and policy agenda

  • Become a recognized business voice on talent and economic mobility
  • Shape and co-advance federal and state policy priorities
  • Facilitate a learning exchange on
    state-level policy
Data can help us understand who earns a degree, where they get a job, and how well they perform in that job. This requires tracking and analyzing results of programs against a longer time horizon and across organizations.


Scale regional pilots and innovation

  • Identify and seed leading models and interventions
  • Help to scale proven interventions
    across regions by unlocking
    resources and distilling learnings

The voice of business must be at the table with federal, state, and local governments. 

NTC Goal: Train/educate 1,000,000 people by 2030 and place them in middle- to high-paying jobs.

NTC Goal: Establish common metrics of success that are simple and easy to access for everyone, everywhere – from CEOs and educators to government leaders.

NTC Goal: Secure ongoing funding of $500 million from public and private sources.

“When you get a community collectively working on adaptable solutions, coming at it from the framework of facts and business principles, you can actually get a lot done.”

– Dick Gochnauer, Managing Director, SC Master Fund and co-founder CLAOC

 “To build talent pipelines for the future, we have to be inclusive, or we’ll never get there. This requires upskilling students and workers. And that requires dollars. We cannot get there with only business dollars. We must have government investment as well.”

– Brad Henderson, CEO, P33, Chicago

NTC works to close the talent gap and accelerate economic prosperity by expanding the impact of regional business groups

National Talent Collaborative is a CEO-led community of over 20 U.S. regional impact groups and seven national organizations consisting of the country’s most innovative civic problem solvers. The alliance is committed to working collectively to close the talent and opportunity gap in America by building pathways to good jobs.

“This is a highly-curated group of the best regional civic leaders in the country, all intent on driving impact. All of us working together is going to be a game changer.”

– Jason Hall, CEO, Greater St. Louis, Inc.

NTC NYC Spring Gathering

April 30 and May 1, 2024 Hosted by NY Jobs CEO Council


Regional Membership Organizations

The country's most innovative civic problem solvers

Over 20 business-led regional impact groups from all parts of the U.S. The NTC participants are major technology partners, major foundations, and key leaders from the federal government all working together to build bridges that close the talent gap in America.

America Achieves
Ascend Indiana

Bay Area Council, San Francisco, CA
Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, Indianapolis
CEO Leadership Alliance, Orange County, CA
Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose
Columbus Partnership, Columbus, OH
Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, TX
Greater New Orleans, Inc
Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
Greater Washington Partnership, Washington D.C.
Higher Expectations for Racine County, Wisconsin
Itasca and Greater MSP, Minneapolis, MN
Massachusetts Competitive Partnership
MKE Tech, Milwaukee, WI
New York Jobs CEO Council
P33, Chicago, IL
Partnership for Rhode Island
Silicon Valley Leadership Group, San Jose, CA
State Business Executives
TalentFirst, Grand Rapids, MI
Tampa Bay Partnership, Tampa Bay, FL

Key Technology Partners